I am creating a website, but I am not entirely sure what related to the .htaccess file. Say for instance I've got a folder known as pages which holds my pages, can one deny use of someone when they key in world wide web.website.com/pages to ensure that they cannot begin to see the directory? I have attempted putting the .htaccess file within the pages folder using the "deny allInch line and even though it declines access, it is also denying use of the particular pages. It is possible to method of doing this without denying use of begin to see the pages online, just denying use of your directory?

Sorry if the does not make much sense, I am so confused lol. Thank you for any help.

If you do not want Apache to show their email list of files within the directory, you should use

Options -Indexes

To disable the indexes feature.

Begin to see the Options Directive portion of Apache's manual, for additional informations.

Else, an "smart wayInch is always to just put a clear index.html or index.php file -- i.e. a default file that Apache uses when the first is attempting to access a directory.

About this, begin to see the DirectoryIndex Directive.

Just put a clear index.html within the directory.

Most hosts I have used get it done using the IndexIgnore * directive. just put that inside a .htaccess file and drop it in to the folder you need to block indexing of. More information: Apache IndexIgnore Documentation.