I've the next bit of code during my .htaccess file to pressure redirecting to custom error pages:

ErrorDocument 404 /ErrorPages/404.php
ErrorDocument 403 /ErrorPages/403.php
ErrorDocument 400 /ErrorPages/generalError.php
ErrorDocument 401 /ErrorPages/generalError.php
ErrorDocument 500 /ErrorPages/generalError.php

Everything works fine on port 80, however when it involves SSL, the conventional error pages are proven.

To become more specific:

http:www.mydomain.com/NoExistingPage.php redirects towards the custom error page https:www.mydomain.com/NoExistingPage.php Doesn't redirect towards the custom error page

shall we be held missing something here?

Thanks ahead of time

Try placing a duplicate .htaccess file within the /guaranteed folder and find out in the event that works. The vhost for that https daemon is most likely using /guaranteed as doc_root meaning even when the .htaccess in the regular doc_root is underneath the guaranteed folder it will likely be overlooked.