I'm presently moving from isapi_rewrite to .htaccess. I am getting some difficulty and i believe it is something fundamental, but I am not terribly acquainted with .htaccess.

I've the 2 rules like so:

RewriteRule ^testing/ /test/index.html?test=1 [NC]
RewriteRule ^testing/foo-bar/ /test/index.html?test=2 [NC]

The second rule never matches. Basically visit http://mydomain.com/testing/foo-bar/ i quickly is only going to begin to see the first rule. Can you explain that? And will it easily be fixed?

I've many rules (outputted in the database to create the .htaccess file )and ordering these questions particular order is not really possible.

I am confident your mistake isn't such as the dollar sign.

I am not sure but It need to look such as this:

RewriteRule ^testing$ /test/index.html?test=1 [NC]
RewriteRule ^testing/foo-bar$ /test/index.html?test=2 [NC]