RewriteRule ^coaching/complete\sin\s\(30\smin,\s1\shour...\)

Output Expected

yet it's giving output as

what's the condition in my code?

%2 is reference value in mod-rewrite, then when you use %28 and %29 for that braces, is wrong. Try simply using the ( and ).

however , %2 is really construed by mod_rewrite like a back-mention of last matched up RewriteCond pattern's second group match.

If there is no such reference, it's simply broadened being an empty string.

So you've first to flee the percent figures such as this:

RewriteRule ^coaching/complete\sin\s\(30\smin,\s1\shour...\)\%2830+min-+1+hour...\%29-11

However, you should also make use of the [NE] flag if you want individuals figures to look out of the box within the output url, else mod_rewrite will escape them into '(' and ')'.