Getting some trouble where .htaccess is getting rid of the trailing period from strings. I'm running Apache/2.2.12 (Win32).

This isn't a production system, so there's little else inshtaccess apart from:

RewriteEngine on  

...and rules, which is effective in most cases to date, unless of course there's a trailing period within the title. Rules all take the type of:

RewriteRule ^thing/(.*)$ showthing.php?thingname=$1

A hyperlink on the.perl:

<a href="thing/M.O.X."> ...CLICK

So in showthing.php, I merely do:

$sTHINGname= !isset($_REQUEST['thingname']) ? NULL : $_REQUEST['thingname'];

...then $sTHINGname operates although the db to obtain the ID.

Unfortunately that after thingname includes a trailing period (e.g.: "M.O.X.")

echo $sTHINGname;  // shows M.O.X, which does not match an ID

One option would be to complete:

str_replace( '.', '%2E', $name );  

However when the hyperlinks are put within the mentioning page (A.php), which works, however the links read:

<a href="thing/M%252EO%252EC%252E">

...that is a little inelegant and doesn't solve the issue, if a person types like a URL "...factor/M.O.X." they still do not get an effect.

I examined changing $_REQUEST with $_GET, however the result does not change. Also:

RewriteRule ^(thing/)(.*)$ showthing.php?thingname=$2  

...and versions all show exactly the same results.

Most search engine results coping with htaccess and periods are domain issues, and so i question if anybody has any ideas about that one?

Do this:

RewriteRule ^thing/(.+)$ showthing.php?thingname=$1 [L,QSA]