the scenario is,

Finish Hyperlink to load in the html page is


But this ought to be only loaded when the user comes via

URL B:<id>

When user will click urlB it'll look into the id of report and load the urlA. So, effectively I shouldn't give use of url A holiday to a person.


I've attempted something similar to this but does not work

SetEnvIf Referer "^" local_referral

#SetEnvIf Referer "^" auth_referral

Order Deny,Allow

Deny all

Allow from env=local_referral

#Deny from env=auth_referral

I've put this htaccess in report_files directort to ensure that the consumer with local_referral is permitted only. I've said the lines for auth_referral because i have to load the swf file from it too. I'm a new comer to this so don't know without a doubt so what can repair it.

Another solution i discovered and attempted is

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond % !(world wide web.)?

RewriteRule .* - [F]

It's working. But my swf file uses other files too in the same direcotory witha /files/ folder inside it. And, swf files folder isn't permitted access and provides 403 forbidden access error on their behalf. The swf folder structure is

X:*.swf      (access: OK 200)

Y:*.*  (access: NO 403 forbidden)

Really swf file in X uses some helping files e.g. fonts, images etc from /files/ within the /reviews/ directory. And also the referrer for this is transformed.

I believe I want nesting solution.

Worthwhile solution available?? Suggestions?