I've the next url rewrite:

RewriteRule ^info/([^/\.]+)/?$ info.php?page=info&subpage=$1 [L]

Initially the parameters were the page id's i.e. -10. I've now transformed this therefore the Web addresses convey more significant slug names to mirror this content.

I've now setup the 301 redirects, for instance:

Redirect 301 /info/0 http://www.example.com/info/intro

The main problem is, the redirect does not visit the url rewrite (http://www.example.com/info/intro). Rather it shows the entire url (http://www.example.com/info.php?page=info&subpage=)

How will it have it to help keep the rewrite?
Thank you

As published by LazyOne, the answer ended up being to use RewriteRule:

RewriteRule ^info/0$ http://www.example.com/info/intro [R=301,L]