I might need to modify our .htaccess file. Issue is I can not think it is. We now have several subdomains with one another within the vhosts directory, and every subdomain comes with an connected .htpasswd file. Just how can find in which the .htaccess file is.

Clearly, I did not set this up and I am definitely not referred to as an unix admin expert.

. (us dot) files are hidden automatically on Unix/Linux systems. Probably, knowing they're .htaccess files, they are most likely within the root folder for that website.

If you work with an order line (terminal) to gain access to, they is only going to appear if you are using:

ls -a

If you work with a GUI application, search for an environment to "show hidden files" or something like that similar.

If you've still got no luck, and you're simply on the terminal, you are able to execute these instructions to look the entire system (might take a while):

cd /
find . -name ".htaccess"

This can list out any files it finds with this title.

The .htaccess is in both the main-directory of the web page or perhaps in your directory you need to safeguard.

Make certain to ensure they are visible inside your filesystem, because AFAIK (I am no unix expert either) files beginning having a period are invisible automatically on unix-systems.