I'm trying for doing things to cache all of the static files for my application (images, JS etc.) however i am encountering an issue. My cache manifest file can appears like this:




This may cache individuals files which i have put into it (a couple of hundred and so i overlooked many of them out) it caches pages that I'm not going (ex. index.php). It significantly reduces the loadtime from the whole application however i require it to not cache any php files. I'm using MultiViews in the event that makes any difference.

I've also attempted adding a listing from the files that I'm not going cached under network however it still caches them. The entire file are available at https://app.emailsmsmarketing.com/cache.manifest

The issue is probably not using the manifest itself.

Are you currently adding the manifest attribute to any or all your php pages? That may be the problem.

The manifest attribute ought to be incorporated on every page of the web application that you would like cached. The browser doesn't cache a webpage if it doesn't retain the manifest attribute (unless of course it's clearly indexed by the manifest file itself. Which means that any page the consumer navigates to that particular incorporate a manifest is going to be unconditionally put into the application cache.