I have got a website that's using HTML5 caching and dealing lovely.

After I safeguard the website using Fundamental Auth (.htpasswd) the caching does not appear to operate. Ideally I would like the website to cache for authenticated customers. My theory is the fact that once they go to the site offline the server is not really being hit so the cached version is displayed.

Could it be area of the HTML5 specs that pages aren't cached if they're protected? I could not find any mention of the this.

Has anybody effectively produced your password protected cacheable application?

I am unsure if this sounds like browser specific but I am testing in Safari - this is an iPad application.

Thanks ahead of time

I'd this same issue. The authentication broke or disabled the JS around the page which started the cache manifest whenever we released the application entirely screen mode in the desltop.

Like a deal with, from mobile safari we save a webpage towards the desltop the industry copied version from the page that people want our cache manifest to operate from. Then when you launch the page in the desltop we forward the copied page towards the real page that people are running cache manifest from.

This prompts the login but doesn't break the JS running the cache manifest as it is technically motivated on our 'fake page' although the user will be immediately submitted towards the correct page where their cache download then effectively starts.

This appears just like a bug in mobile Safari's full screen mode. Hopefully may be is going to be fixed inside a future release. Hope this can help.

UPDATE: the above mentioned fix didn't finish up employed by us because the fake intro page isn't incorporated within the manifest, therefore it does not load once offline. a bummer. we wound up just starting the caching from mobile safari, to ensure that any updates made are necessary with the browser and never entirely screen mode.

Another everyone was worrying comparable problem on iOS 3.x and stated moving the manifest file outdoors from the auth directory appeared to repair things: http://lists.apple.com/archives/safari-apple iphone-web-dev/2010/Sep/msg00000.html

I could deal with the issue by having an .htaccess file within the folder under consideration that appeared as if this:

AddType text/cache-manifest .manifest
<FilesMatch "your.manifest">
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from all