I've spent the entire of yesterday looking to get my mind round HTML5 websockets, but am still just a little unclear about a couple of points:

  1. Should i install any more addons to my apache server to operate a websocket server?
  2. Can you really run websockets on the shared server setup without use of the server root?
  3. Are websockets likely to be based on IE9, otherwise then can there be any point dealing with them if there's such limited browser support? Must I take a look at polling techniques rather?
  4. How do you start running synchronised websockets (eg multiple chat application instances) how's each one of these distinctively defined?
  5. It is possible to reliable fallback for browsers that do not support websockets?

Hope someone available might help me understand these points, very greateful!


Don't think about WebSockets like a web server wordpress plugin. WebSockets is a method to begin a (nearly) raw socket link between a browser then one else. There's some desire around the standards committee to permit web servers to simply forward WebSocket connections for their target service, however by v76 from the protocol the WebSockets handshake is clearly incompatible with HTTP setup (for vague security reasons). This might change back later on especially since a significant security problem has been discovered within the v76 setup process.

Yes, the WebSockets handshake looks nearly the same as HTTP, so it's not hard to get confused, but even if it had been suitable for an HTTP Upgrade request, it had been still simply to enable easy sending through the web server, not to ensure that the webserver could be a WebSockets server.

There's a current security problem in WebSockets which most likely means most browser makers will disable WebSockets before the next version from the protocol is prepared, but aside from that WebSockets is virtually globally support because browsers without native support may use web-socket-js the industry Expensive based fallback. the new ios 4.2 also offers WebSockets support (although again, that could get disabled temporarily because of the safety problem).

Therefore the solutions for your questions are: 1) Mu 2) Yes 3) Unlikely 4) Not based on WebSockets 5) Yes: see web-socket-js

It is possible to reliable fallback for browsers that do not support websockets?

Socket.IO appears to be effective. I've not developed by using it yet myself, but I have examined applications which use it with browsers that do not support WebSockets natively.

For which it's worth, you might want to drop the HTML5 when speaking about and/or researching this. WebSockets are no more a part of HTML5. Should you look for info on "HTML5 WebSockets", you are more prone to find dated info.

1) No. 2) Yes. 3) You never know. And Microsoft is not saying, as always, but most likely not.

Opera, Chrome and Opera have introduced they're not going to support web electrical sockets for the time being since the standard is incomplete and it has security issues. It might be too soon to become playing with this particular at this time.