I am getting trouble attempting to rebuild my dev atmosphere.

I have installed XAMPP and adopted these steps:

  1. Backup MYSQL DB.
  2. Backup Home Directory.
  3. Create DB with same user/dbname
  4. Imported SQL file effectively, and imported home directory (and invisible files) into htdocs.
  5. Verified that base_url and secure_base_url are going to "localhost" (I've attempted 127...1, also)

I have carried this out before, also it labored with no hitch. This time around it reverts me to my live URL home page each time i enter "localhost" into my browser. Basically enter "localhost/test.html" it'll correctly open the .html document. Did I miss one step here?

Recap of current status:

  1. localhost = mydomain.com [wrong]

  2. 127..01 = mydomain.com [wrong]

  3. localhost/text.html = test.html [correct]

How do i get localhost to simply display my local website, rather than reverting towards the live URL?

Magento is loading, observing the URL you are using is different then what's set up, and redirecting you.

Listed here are the steps to edit the bottom URL within the Magento config.

I am speculating you have to obvious the Magento cache pointed out there.

Perhaps you have checked your htaccess file?

I'd try clearing your Magento cache to begin. Also observe that some browsers cache redirects, so try being able to access the website inside a different browser or clearing the browser cache.

make certain you've set the bottom_url .you are able to really edit it within the phpmyadmin search for the table with 'config_data' on its title.

localhost/text.html = test.html [correct]

obviously it will likely be correct because it does not go through the 'index.php' which works because the controller. keep in mind that magento uses clean web addresses too.

world wide web.yourdomain.com/index.php/title_for_the_page/

In case your local magento store url is much like http://magento/ your Magento dont work, but when your url is much like http://magento.local/ - magento store is going to be working fine.