I develop on the Mac with MAMP Professional, and i'm running Home windows 7 in VirtualBox VM in order to test my WordPress sites in Ie. However , after i attempt to load the page inside a browser within the VM (http://10..2.2:8888) it takes approximately thirty seconds to load the page.

The majority of that point is "Hooking up to..." in Opera and "Awaiting...Inch in IE, therefore it appears to become getting a lengthy delay locating the host system. Basically reload the page and/or browser to a different page, it requires just like lengthy for each page.

Basically use Safari/Chrome/Opera around the host system to gain access to localhost:8888 it runs fine. Basically access outdoors sites around the VirtualBox system (including a precise copy of the identical website with an outdoors server) it runs fine. The extended delay only happens after i attempt to access the host's WordPress site in the VM.

Host: Macosx Snow Leopard, MAMP Professional (Apache) on port 8888 running WordPress.

VM: Home windows 7 being able to access with Opera 9 and Ie 9.

Any ideas?

Edit: I discovered the issue, however i thought I would leave this here just in case others encounter exactly the same factor:

During my situation, the issue would be a WordPress wordpress plugin known as "cforms". The wordpress plugin includes a bug where it attempts to load its CSS files with no correct port, therefore it was attempting to load //domain/path/cforms.css rather than //domain:8888/path/cforms.css. The 30 second delay only agreed to be the browser timeout for individuals files.

The issue did not occur when loading the copy from the site with an outdoors server since it only agreed to be the default port 80. I am unsure why the website still loaded rapidly when loading //localhost:8888, but that is irrelevant.