I'm running wampserver on my small home windows vista machine. I've been carrying this out for any very long time and contains been working great. I've completed lots of projects with this particular setup.

However, today, without me altering anything (no configuration etc) only PHP code changes, I've found that each time I load pages of my website (individuals with user periods or access the database) are actually slow to load - Over thirty seconds, they will use to consider one or two seconds.

After I take a look in the task manager, I can tell on-page loads the httpd process jumps from 10mb to 30mb, 90mb, 120mb, 250mb after which down again again.

I've examined previous php code projects plus they appear to any or all be slow too!

What's going on?

Thanks all for just about any help about this confusion problem!

Look into the following:

  • See if you your computer data-access library to gain access to your database continues to be transformed/up-to-date recently (if you are using one).
  • Only a guess, but have you transformed your anti-virus/firewall (or configurations) since before you checked individuals previous projects? A far more aggresive security can slow things a great deal.
  • Have you transformed the Apache/PHP/MySQL version within the WAMPSERVER menu?
  • Maybe you can test to re-install WAMPSERVER (do that last and when it isn't an hassle for you personally because I truly doubt this helps however it can in certain really really strange cases).

But from experience and also the memory usage you explain inside your question it appears that the SQL queries are lengthy to complete and/or return a very large data set.

Attempt to optimise your queries, it can benefit for speed although not really memory usage (a minimum of when the result set is identical). For that memory, maybe you should use LIMIT to lessen your coming back data set (in case your design enables it - however it should).

Since we do not fully realize that which you use your computer data, be aware than "playing" (like parsing large XML documents) with large data sets may take enough timeOrstorage (again it is dependent much on which you need to do with all of this data).

Main point here, if nothing within this publish helps, attempt to publish a lot of your setup and just what you need to do (with even code samples) when it is slow.

Try checking how big your wamp log files.



Sometimes, once they get really large, they are able to cause Apache to decelerate.

Perhaps you have lately transformed your network configuration or upgraded the body? That might be leading to this problem using your network config or anti-virus/security software. Individuals have had difficulties with zonealarm leading to this previously, for instance.

Also, if you have lately switched from typing "127...1" to "localhost" or moved around systems, you might take advantage of getting rid of the IPV6 localhost setting from C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts for those who have one:

alter the line with

::1             localhost


# ::1             localhost

I'm surprised that nobody has recommended this. It is best to concept why situations are really slowing down lower:

Use Performance monitor to determine in which the bottleneck is, first. (perfmon.exe) Is difficult page fault really the bottleneck? Is the hard disk busy reading through/conntacting the pagefile? Check the size of IO queue for that hard disk drive. Are Processor chips busy?

If nothing looks busy, use procmon to ascertain if your php process is blocked on some system calls.

Hope this can help.

though not associated with finding database bottlenecks, XDebug in conjunction with a cachegrind viewer (e.g. WebGrind, WinCacheGrind) will help you find negligence your PHP code, that can take longest to complete.