I'm utilizing an httpHandler to pass through all demands for *.presen files for an ashx handler. i only do for demands to some sub-folder inside the website. The web site root is known as 'demo' and also the subfolder is known as et. So, I give a web.config file towards the et folder by having an entry the following:

This isn't enough to pass through all *.presen demands towards the ashx - I should also add a credit card applicatoin extension to suggest demands for .presen files to aspnet_isapi.dll. i can not find any method of doing this aside from result in the et folder an online directory (that we don't actually want to do). Anyway, I set the et to some virt dir, then set the mapping also it all works. Basically then take away the virt dir application for et the entire factor keeps working. This indicates in my experience that there has to be a method to set the *.presen mapping without needing to produce a virt dir after which take it off again.

Anybody know what's happening here?

Thanks greatly.

Have you setup the handling with IIS in addition to ASP.Internet? I understand I'd difficulties with that because IIS will get the request before ASP has any opportunity to do anything whatsoever about this.

If you are using IIS 7. I suggest you make use of the new integrated pipeline. This type of problem will jsut disappear. I succesfully implemented Http handlers for sites without having done anything special configuration, just add the next towards the httpHandlers node:

  <add verb="GET" path="et/*.gif" validate="true" type="YourGifHttpHandler" />

Hope that can help.