Basically attempt to place data having a 20 digit primary key right into a SQLite database I recieve a mistake using the second place statement since it "isn't unique". Basically choose the values I can tell in the SQLite commandprompt the primary secret is designed in scientific notation. The column type is decimal. It is possible to method to pressure SQLite to place the values "because they areInch keeping the truth / "normal representation" despite values that lengthy?

place it as being a 'string', not really a number.

the main key area should be an integer, the biggest value is 9223372036854775807. make use of a separate (indexed) area, and place the worthiness as string.

Strange, seems like your wrapper is putting the amount in like a float. I figured DECIMAL was planned for an integer internally. Utilizing a string works but might be slow do in order to the indexing from the string instead of an int.