So, I've got a things i call huge mongo database that is about 30Gb (about 30 millions documents). I attempted to operate mongod about the server distributed to another application also it was completely slowed down lower. So I must search for a devoted server but have no clue just how much RAM will i need.

I realize which i most likely must have quantity of RAM enough to place all indexes there. But, if I am correct, it might be about 13Gb of RAM making the cost for that server very-very costly (my application is not coming to a money yet).

I attempted to consider mongoHQ, however their least expensive devoted plan's $600/month.

Any ideas? Could it be really that costly to host heavy mongo databases like this?

Construct your own server and colocate it rather than leasing someone's server. You've full treatments for the hardware, greater startup costs, but lower lengthy-term costs. You're also responsible for hardware malfunctions, so be careful for your.