Apologies if this sounds like the incorrect spot to publish this.

My website will be a residential area portal for activists and concerned people to locate groups, occasions the ones concentrating on the same interests. I wish it to be global in scope and also the content could be all produced through the other staff of every group. I've a lot of ideas that will get this to site wealthy in features and much more appealing. I don't want to list out all of them here though.

Why shall we be held carrying this out? Simple. I must bring organization and contact with subjects and groups around to world. This can be a huge niche that's too vital that you be filled with a profit driven corporation.

I've got a website title already but I am likely to register a title that's more global sounding. Presently I own "proactivecanadian.com" The domain is my donation. I am not wealthy whatsoever, however i are able to afford the $30. I won't be refunded for this and can never create a cent out of this site. No-one ever will.

I have learned Joomla will be the best software. I'm not sure if that's true.

If anybody has any advice whatsoever, please let me know.

Presently they are my focal points

  1. how do you setup a nonprofit company (any lawyers?)
  2. can there be elsewhere I ought to be asking for help?
  3. finding individuals to help construction (the greater the greater so no-you do an excessive amount of)

Help. At some point this website might help you.