I have arrived at love Amazon's EC2 service and I am searching for such like that supports a chance to save a running Home windows server image and begin new instances from this.

I approached GoGrid (the feature is planned later on) and Mosso (no pleasure)

Anybody are conscious of any hosting/cloud companies that may dothis?

I've got a note from Amazon . com towards the effect that that they'll be supporting Home windows Server on EC2 this fall.


Appears like coping with certification issues could be nightmarish for that host.

I can not observe how certification could be different compared to a co-lo provider.

AT&T's Synaptic Hosting enables this, though I am sure you'll pay with the nose, as it is all "enterprise" an' shit.

@Mark Brackett - A co-lo facility is not running illegal installs of Home windows on their server hardware.

GoGrid as introduced to give the feature this fall. Take a look at http://world wide web.flexihost.co.united kingdom and http://world wide web.elastichosts.com (in the United kingdom) in addition to http://world wide web.appnexus.com.

I've heard that world wide web.rightscale.com (it's type of a pleasant interface to EC2 hosting) will support Home windows sometime later on.

With many different manual fine-tuning you are able to already run Home windows on EC2 using virtualization in the Linux virtual machine: http://world wide web.howtoforge.com/amazon . com_elastic_compute_cloud_qemu

I've got a narrow your search of cloud website hosts on my small website: http://hotware.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/a-short-cloud-hosting-link-list/