I must obtain the Table and Column title from the Foreign secrets on Oracle, can anybody read the following statement?

SELECT a.table_name AS TableWithForeignKey, b.column_name AS ForeignKeyColumn 
FROM user_constraints a INNER JOIN user_cons_columns b 
ON (a.constraint_name = b.constraint_name) AND (a.table_name = b.table_name)
and a.constraint_type = 'R'

The Part I am unsure about may be the INNER JOIN Part (after ON):

(a.constraint_name = b.constraint_name) AND (a.table_name = b.table_name)

When I could not find something similar to constraints_ID, is enought to complement 1:1 rows from both tables user_constraints and user_cons_posts


I personally use the

a.constraint_name = b.constraint_name

for joining the two sights so, I believe it's OK