Permission Refused error messsage is originating on trying to carry out a python script via php spend_professional command

Setup Particulars : Fedora Core 14 Light Machine.

after i performed this "python Python/ > Python/output.txt" in the Light Server while using PHP command "spend_professional()", i'm watching a mistake message within the error_log file i.,e "Python/ line 2: output.txt: Permission refused".

I transformed possession from the www direcotry to admin:root as well as set up the mode to 770 for the files and sub-sites of www directory. In the same time frame, i transformed the apache server user information towards the admin as user and root as group.

/etc/httpd/conf.d/httpd.conf : - User admin - Group root

NOTE : Around the Light machine, after login towards the machine as "admin" -> i'm able to by hand performed "python Python/ > Python/output.txt" line however the stated lines are not executable after i try to get it done via PHP