I'm able to connect with my db with Follow up Professional all right, however i can't with the command line. I have adopted their instructions here: http://www.sequelpro.com/docs/Connecting_to_a_MySQL_Server_on_a_Remote_Host#Do_I_need_to_use_the_Terminal_for_SSH_connections.3F

Within their command I substitute the next in the connection window and SSH tab in Follow up Professional:

ssh -L 1234:mysqlhost:3306 sshuser@sshhost

mysqlhost => MySQL Host
sshuser => SSH User
sshhost => SSH Host

So when motivated for any password, I personally use the main one from "SSH Password"

I am unsure what Follow up Professional does in a different way behind the curtain.

That instruction in the Follow up Professional paperwork is not quite the entire story it is simply suggesting how to setup a tunnel. You'll need a next step to really use it for connecting to some MySQL server.

The particular process is 2 steps:

  1. Produce the tunnel.

    ssh -N -L 1234:mysqlhost:3306 sshuser@sshhost

    The -N which i added just informs ssh that you are only establishing a tunnel and you won't want to begin a spend on sshhost. Running this command may be like it will nothing: that is what it will seem like.

    As lengthy because the ssh command is running, connections to port 1234 in your local machine is going to be tunneled through sshhost to port 3306 (the MySQL port) on mysqlhost.

  2. Connect with MySQL while using tunnel.

    The next step is to operate the mysql command line client. The ssh command you simply went continues to be running, therefore the simplest factor to do is open a brand new Terminal window or tab, and run:

    mysql -P 1234 -u mysqluser -p

    for connecting for your database. The -P 1234 part may be the only out-of-the-regular thing about this command, also it just helps make the mysql client connect while using port you placed in the very first command to complete the tunneling.

When you are completed with the tunnel, either close the initial Terminal window or use Control-C to prevent the ssh process.