We now have done a Home windows based application useing C# (.Internet 2., Visual Studio 2005). Now replacing this application internet based, is really a some time and resource consuming process and that is difficult for me personally.

We have to host this, to ensure that the consumer can access with the Internet.

Through RDP the consumer can access the Home windows application, however the issues here's more customers cannot operate concurrently.

Will it be located like a web application, to ensure that the consumer can can get on through browser?

No, you can't allow it to be available directly through the web while you would an internet site, Home windows Forms programs run on the customer machine.

You skill is package up being an MSI installer, to ensure that the consumer can certainly do the installation, after which connect assets like a database online (the easiest method to expose these assets is really as an internet service). If you opt to make use of this mechanism then you'll just refactor a part of the application, presuming you have already structured it nicely into an n-tier application.

Observe that the consumer does not need to access these assets online though - your reference to customers employing RDP indicate you have it looking at an intranet, and that means you may have the ability to "host" services like a database with an machine that the clients can easily see (and access) over the network. Within this situation everything might be needed would be to change any connection strings or pathways you might have relaxing in the configuration file from the application.

You can a minimum of deploy it via the net using ClickOnce

ClickOnce deployment allows you to definitely publish Home windows-based programs to some Web server or network file share for simplified installation. Visual Studio provides full support for posting and upgrading programs used with ClickOnce technology.


You are able to deploy the application with the network using click-once and support updates trough it but I'm not sure in whatever way to change a winform application right into a web-based application and that i really doubt there's one thinking about the essential architecture changes between your two plaforms.

I would suggest trading a while and customize the architecture to consider SOA.

You need to restructure your code and make up a web service that will expose techniques towards the clients. These techniques would take input in the client, perform procedures and provide back the information to show towards the UI. You are able to pick your core business logic classes in the existing solution and reuse them out of the box. There may some quantity of effort involved to split up out presentation logic in the business logic, however it would worth the effort.

After you have your internet service` located, technology-not only with whether desktop application, or perhaps a web application. Obviously, you will have to code the UI for Web application, but it might be much easlier than writing it on your own.

If you work with a database application in Home windows you'll be able to do one factor. You are able to deploy the database about the server, but you need to design a front-finish application in ASP.Internet for this, to ensure that you should use your Home windows application about the machine in which you installed the application, and all sorts of others may also can get on with the web.