I've done a database diagram in Microsoft Visio but I'm not sure how you can import it to Sql Server 2005?

Incidentally, the best idea tool you believe will do database diagrams, which enables you to definitely import it to Sql Server?

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As long as you will find the Enterprise Architecture version of Visio, all you want do is click: Database -> Generate.

After that you will get the DDL as well as produce a new database.

After you have the DDL you'll have to make use of a query window to spread out the file after which as long as you can get produce a new schema and tables, etc... you may create your brand-new database.

During my openion Microsoft Visio is the greatest which works together with Microsoft SQL Server.

i am not 100% sure you are able to import database diagrams from vision into sql server 2005

sql server 2005 includes a neat built-in database diagram tool that really develops the tables and associations while you build them within the diagram.