Products are is available in Piece and Boxes.

e.g Suppose,

  1. I've purchase 100 piece (tablet) of medicineX.
  2. I've purchase one Box that have 50 medicineY.

Now item dispense by piece smart only.

Means MedicineX will be presented to customer because when much piece they demands a couple of or five according to the requirements.

Same for MedicineY, I'll open the Box of 50 medicine and can share with customer because they demands means 2 , 5 Piece, …etc

Now I needed to possess a Table in SQL-Server Database.

I've confusion in do you know the area should maintain table I'll create. Please help…thanks……

Usually, you retain the stock quantity within the littlest possible unit (i.e. pieces) and also have a second area for that box size (and much more fields for tray size, pallet size whether it matters).

For instance, a regular item with "quantity=350", "boxsize=50" means you have 7 boxes of 50 pieces each. You might have "quantity=343", "boxsize=50", and that means you have 6 original boxes of 50 as well as an opened up box with 43 pieces left.

Whenever you serve a person I do not want to trace which box you are taking named from. So for the purpose of look at monitoring just how much stock you've you simply need a ITEM_STOCK table. So you have to work out how much detail you'll need.


So records might have

 Neurofen, Ibuprofen, 75, mg, capsule, 450

You may add extra fields for re-order thresholds or whatever.

Should you choose have to track models for example boxes I'd be inclined to help keep that inside a separate table since you might have different dimensions of box.

While the body might manage to monitoring the number of boxes are open you're subject to the customers precisely taking the information. Will they always employ all one box before opening another? Would they bother to record this? Inside a large multi-user scenario I am sceptical the customers would understand it properly.