I am focusing on a WordPress theme which includes a subscribe form which does not work properly right now because i can not determine where you can keep user's info.

I am unable to use MySQL due to the target audience host's security. I am unable to use SQLite because I am unable to pre-do the installation in to the theme and Let me allow it to be as simple for that user as you possibly can (already setup) therefore the last factor id wish to request these to do is setup a SQLite database.

I understand you will find different ways to keep info, as with .txt files, however i need something which works just like a database. Something which can update certain fields in a few rows and so forth.

Any ideas men?


How's it going likely to get WordPress running without MySQL? It isn't enjoy it will operate on any random database &mdash as mentioned on WordPress.org:

Presently, the only real database based on WordPress is MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater.

If you are wondering how you can store information within the database WordPress has already been using (that we assume should be MySQL), you need to take a look at [cde], [cde], [cde] and [cde].

These characteristics will store more information (meta data) alongside a person object within WordPress' database and also you will not need to bother about the database whatsoever. Just invoke the functions like every other PHP functions and you ought to be fine.