can there be an formula to appraise the content quality ? in top hundreds whenever you election a product, there's a comment box showing up and when you begin writing the reason why you election this item, it comments instantly by what you are writing. I'm interested in the way they get it done?

I'll adopt this formula to wordpress. It will work best with wordpress customers.

I simply were built with a quick check from the site you associated with. Their formula seems to boil lower to "longer comment == greater quality". Not quite a classy formula. For instance, this

asklfklasf kajslkjf akjs flkajsfklajs fkjaskfj aklsjf kajsfk ajskfj alksjf aklsjfkl asfjaklsjf

was handed their high quality rating...

Ideas to create this better:

  • Check spelling (mispelled words reduce quality)
  • Look for swear words along with other profanity.
  • Length is most likely important, however i wouldn't put many pounds onto it.
  • Grammar could be good to check on, although difficult.
  • Managing a junk e-mail filter over it might be a great initial step.

Individuals are simply ideas. For that spelling and profanity, just check each words against a dictionary. Grammar could be harder while you begin to transfer to natural language processing, the industry very deep section of research.