There's a webpage with two domain names:
world wide
world wide

I want a redirect towards the start page:
world wide to world wide!/news.html
world wide to world wide!/news.html

and finally, for every page I want a redirect such as this, e.g.: world wide to world wide!/about.html world wide to world wide!/about.html

I do not really understand how to solve that, must i use Javascript or .htaccess? going back redirect during my example, it's easier to use conditions right? but exactly how?

any ideas?

Note: The contents consist of ajax, therefore the index page is definitely exactly the same, that why the /#!/... factor.

EDIT: straightforward, you will find the live addresses http://world wide or http://world wide, the startpage redirect is solved as you can tell within the js file, as well as the /#!/ redirects I still need assistance, thanks.

First I'd redirect both home pages:

RewriteCond % ^/$

RewriteRule (.*) /#!/news.html [R,L]

Then the rest of the pages

RewriteRule (.*) /#!/$1 [R,L]

Did not test drive it but this will work.

You are able to put this block of JS code inside separate .js file then include this file in each and every page:

var sURL = (window.location.href + "").replace("http://", "")

if (sURL.indexOf("/#!/") < ) 

Should work:

redirect 301 / http://world wide!/news.html

redirect 301 /about.html http://world wide!/about.html

same for

Put this inside a .htaccess file within the root folder.