Could a WordPress guru please explain what php code I will have to get wordpress to show posts inside a 5 column power grid, with posts sorted instantly?

Have you read

Here's your fundamental page skeleton:

if (have_posts()) :
   while (have_posts()) :

In Administration > Configurations > Reading through you place the number of publish WordPress can have.

Here is a link about power grid design. Plenty of web assets:

I must highlight the next points:

  • Nobody design power grid product is right for all Webpages. The first thing is defined a fundamental layout power grid. With this particular graphic “backbone” you are able to figure out how the main blocks of type and illustrations will regularly exist in your website and hang the positioning and elegance recommendations for major screen game titles, subtitles, and navigation links or buttons.
  • “Well designed power grid systems could make your designs not just more beautiful and legible, but more functional.”