I produced my facebook developer account and also got my application id, secret etc. My application domain is mypersonaldoman.com (a fantasy) and this site is http://www.mypersonaldoman.com/. I produced an evaluation page there to show the Facebook Sign In button and log a person in and display their info and friend list. Everything works fine.

However , now Time passes to my dev atmosphere at the office and wish to use my same id/secret for testing but Facebook will not allow me to sign in. I recieve the next error:

API Error Code: 191 API Error Description: The required URL isn't possessed through the application Error Message: Invalid redirect_url: Given URL isn't permitted through the application configuration.

This is exactly what I recieve when I am already drenched directly into Facebook. When I am not I simply get "A mistake happened with Murphy Dev. Please repeat the process later."

At the office I simply possess a dev box without any domain title, just an IP. How do i set this as much as indicate my dev box(only the IP)?

Any help could be greatly appreciated.

You need to create different applications for various conditions and store their particular application ID and secret inside a web config. Each different application on facebook then indicates the

I've about 11 unique applications, and every of individuals applications has 3 different application ids. One for my localhost, one for that test atmosphere and something for push. Yes, I've 33 applications as a whole.

This is the way I title them

  • MyAwesomeApp [local]
  • MyAwesomeApp [test]
  • MyAwesomeApp

Notice I do not use [push] onto it since real people/customers notice title.