I am using Home windows Vista, I've Apache installed already. Apache is working great, but I wish to allow this site to become seen openly.

After I joined my ip(the main one hosting the web site) on other computer systems, the page does not appear. It simply loads try not to appear.

How do i edit my httpd to permit everybody to get access to this site?



Yes, I submitted it already. Here's the screenie:

alt text

Could it be right way? Or should i alter the port?

You will have to configure the server's firewall to permit incoming connections, as well as your router to forward connections towards the servers.

Also remember that many ISPs block incoming port 80 connections to prevent getting their clients host their very own sites (Look at your ISP's contract, you might be breaking it by hosting an internet server)

You can set your router to utilize a different port and forward it as being port 80 for your server in case your Web service provider is obstructing port 80. Seek advice from your router's user's manual about sending ports. Some hubs may not support altering the incoming port to another one, by which situation you would need to alter the port Apache operates on too.

Out of your screen shot set the general public port to something apart from 80 (by convention make use of a port between 1024–49151), and then leave the non-public port to 80.

Also, make certain you are making use of your public IP on other clients. Don't use the 192.168.. addresses, they are meant just for private systems.

Outdoors customers should then have the ability to make use of the link http://[your public router IP]:[new port] for connecting.

Make sure if you work with any kind of router that you simply enable "IP sending" otherwise your server remains hidden behind it.

This method could be transformed around the configuration web page for that router.

`bstpierre' is correct for the reason that some ISP's block port 80. I personally use port 8080 myself. Best of luck!