I'm presently focusing on apple iphone application and want your help. During my application I'm giving the consumer the choice in order to save their expenses based on their country's currency mood, since the user can fit in with any country like USA, Australia etc.

It really is hard that i can sit and go into the currency option 1 by 1. Same with any API or database file available for this function?

NOTE : I want 4 types data fit in with one currency.

  1. Currency Title
  2. Currency Symbol
  3. Currency Code
  4. Country Title

The state ISO listing of nations as well as their foreign currencies is maintained through the SIX Clearing bank. They offer downloadable XLS and XML files.

Individuals files don't range from the currency symbols. Fortunately XE has a listing of countries' foreign currencies, including codes and symbols. Find it here. The symbols are presented utilizing a special font instead of as images however it might be an easy, if rather tiresome, matter to show that page into some PNG files.