I am mainly a picture designer but want to develop abilities on paper fundamental code. Let me produce a little program or code that will let me perform the following tasks.

Sheet of occasions,dates and occasions etc is either typed or submitted through stand out to some database which in turn shows by date. As each event or task is finished a drop lower box could be selected highlighting the big event continues to be completed. Maybe easily fit in a progress bar of the number of tasks happen to be completed. It'd should also have the ability to be edited by differing people across a pc network after which updates its display.

The main reason I wish to make this is actually like a personal organiser so that as just a little project when i enjoy learning new abilities.

What will be the easiest wayOrvocabulary to carry out penning this? I realize this is incredibly fundamental to any or all you.

Any solutions or directions to assets could be greatly appreciated.

(presuming you're running home windows)

Choose a language

  • I'ld choose Microsoft.Internet C#.
  • It's VERY simple to communicate with databases (Access or SQL Server).
  • You are able to choose to create a console (command line), web or home windows application
  • The free IDE (essentially an expensive editor) rocks !. http://www.microsoft.com/Express/
  • You are able to choose VB.Internet too, many people think it is simpler to begin there.
  • You will not spend hrs setting up and setting up web servers etc.

Choose a book

First, there's a noticeable difference between understanding how to program and learning a programming language. This is comparable to the excellence between putting together a wardrobe and learning to utilize a hammer.

Knowing this it can save you yourself lots of confusion later on. If you wish to learn how to program an excellent beginning point would be the MIT OpenCourseWare lectures: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. These lectures assist you to hold the fundamental concepts of programming. There's additionally a book associated these.

Simultaneously you can study any programming language you want. Although these lectures focus mainly on functional ones, this do not need to worry you. The concepts are relevant on any language and be very convenient! The relaxation is particulars. :)

For language choice: Basically would start programming again today Personally, i may wish to begin with Python.

The simplest method of doing this can be to simply make use of a spreadsheet.

You could utilize Google Applications to ensure that it may be openly editable. http://www.google.com/apps

PHP is not harmful to learning exactly what does code really does. unhealthy factor is the fact that it is simply too simple to create spaghetti code. if you want to understand, and grow after that, you shouldn't be satisfied if this works. after doing the work, attempt to redo it again together with your new understanding. there is a maxim "you shouldn't be afraid to get rid of your code, you'll anyway". it's much more true while studying.

Developing programs is not only writing code - its discovering how you can architect an answer, identifying the very best strategy or being able to easily roll with changes and/or unpredicted occasions.

When just beginning you will be challenged without only learning a programming language, but potentially a framework in addition (so you are aware how to apply your programming abilities) additionally to simply learning a UI(s) ie: visual studio, etc.

It truly comes lower to non-public preference, but for me particularly if you possess a home windows background, then .Internet will be the simplest to create and start using. You might also need the option of programming languages (VB.Internet and c# for instance), etc.