I produce a war file using apache ant and i needed to deploy that .war file in tomcat making it run can u people assist me to using the steps.. i m not obvious abt it

  • stop tomcat
  • move your war into [tomcat install dir]/webapps
  • start tomcat

tomcat will deploy the fight against startup

  1. for database connectivity copy the connector within the lib folder of project that is in WEB_INF folder like pointwarWEB-INFlib
  2. create war File ...in war folder from the project like c:/user/workspace/point/war/ there (point is project title) ...by command jar cvf point.war *
  3. now type http://localhost/portnumber/ like mine is http://localhost/9090
  4. press on tomcat manger and provide user and password
  5. continue the choice deploy war file to upload ...browse and choice the war file create in war folder of project upload the file
  6. click the /point which produced by manger as well as their your file is submitted