As well as I can tell, once the blog xml includes the next line:

then Feedburner instantly translates it as being The spanish language so when a possible customer constitutes a request.

I don't understand how to have that line into my wordpress xml feed.

Can anybody help?

Tags: Wordpress, Feedburner, The spanish language

Are you able to please provide more details? Is the Wordpress Blog current designed in The spanish language? I am confused, I believe what you're saying is that you simply would like your Feedburner feed also to maintain The spanish language. This is probably a Feedburner setting.

Hi Brandon: You had been right - it may be fixed via feedburner underneath the optimisation section. I'd believed that it needed to participate the Wordpress XML creation (really it most likely might be) - but anyway Feedburner can perform this.... thank you.

Your Blog is within The spanish language - however the Feedburner instantly uses British configurations. Then when customers click for his or her Feed the default page is within British.