Hello i am using widgets_on_pages to put icons on pages, i installed it and added a widget towards the panel during my admin section, i quickly added [widgets_on_pages id=2] ("it is the second sidebar also it stated i ought to add this") into my html on where the widget should appear however it only shows the code i put in pure text, little else happens, anybody understand what i am doing wrong?

Do this

<?php echo do_shortcode('[widgets_on_pages id=2]'] ?>

Basically understand properly then your following is applicable... otherwise, apologies.

You shouldn't have to do it by doing this. It appears that Vincent, you are attempting to include the shortcode right into a theme php file... this really is incorrect and also the shortcode is perfect for adding in to the page/publish content through the publish/page editor.

To include a Icons on Pages sidebar to some template then v ..7 (In my opinion) has built-in template tags (see link text). This will riding time the next I believe

<?php widgets_on_template("2"); ?>