I'm attempting to offer an ics (ical) file using a url. Being able to access my "ical.php" is okay. However, many applications insist the url includes a .ics extension. Basically symlink "shamrock.ics" to ical.php then your raw php file is offered up. I discovered a rewrite rule elsewhere in stackoverflow (RewriteRule ^(.*).ics$ $1.php [QSA]) but this does not work with me (other rewrites I personally use will work and so i be aware of rewrite engine works).

Can someone suggest the next phase or even the best road to decide to try solve this.

I discovered the answer. And it is not using rewrites. Simply add "AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml .html .htm .ics" towards the httpd.conf. I ought to have discovered that.