I just read virtually about xml sitemaps and just how they assist search engines like google to crawl webpages. In my opinion the sitemap helps this website enter into search engine results of google more frequently. But things i neglect to seem to comprehend is the way a url gives all of the needed infor mation. For instance, You will find there's large website where used cars are offered in auctions. Here's a good example url from your website.. https://world wide web.xxxxxxx.com/Automobiles/VehicleDetails.aspx?auctionID=945&itemID=1014.

The above mentioned url doesn't give any details about the vehicle itself. It simply informs the auction id and stock number. So how exactly does this url help a internet search engine???

Please someone enlighten me.

Sitemaps have two interesting qualities:

  • They retain the "last modification date" of pages. If you are utilizing a site map that Google polls regularly, your changes will be taken into consideration fairly fast. Otherwise, you need to watch for Google to scan that page, that might require sometime.

  • They are essentially a listing of links to any or all the appropriate pages inside your site. This can help Google find all of the pages without needing to really crawl through all of the links, as well as helps the spider find pages which are otherwise not associated with everywhere within the site (but may be associated with using their company sites).