I'm presently hosting my SaaS application at GoGrid (Microsoft stack). Some tips about what I've:

  • Database Server - physical box, 12 GB RAM, 2 X Quad Core CPU (2.13 GHz Xeon E5506)
  • 2 Web / Application servers - cloud servers, 2 GB RAM, 2 VCPUs
  • 300 GB monthly bandwidth

I'm having to pay around $900 / month with this. My web / application servers are busting in the seams and have to be upgraded to 4 GB of RAM. I also require a firewall, and GoGrid just added this particular service for the next $200. Following the upgrade, I'll be having to pay around $1,400.

I began searching at Amazon . com EC2, particularly this config:

  • Database server - "High Memory Double Huge Instance" - 34 GB RAM, 13 EC2 compute models
  • 2 Web / Application servers - "Large Instance" - 7.5 GB RAM, 4 EC2 compute models

Basically opt for 12 months reserved instances, my upfront cost could be $4,500 and my monthly could be $700. This involves $1,075 / month when amortized. Amazon . com includes a firewall free of charge.

Listed here are my questions:

  1. Inflict individuals have experience managing a database (especially SQL Server) with an EC2 instance? How made it happen perform in comparison to some devoted machine? Among my major concerns is by using disk I/O.

  2. Amazon's description of the compute unit is rather vague. Any applying for grants the way the CPU performance about the database servers would compare?

I'm wishing the Amazon . com solution will give you considerably better performance than my current as well as enhanced GoGrid setup. Getting an online database server would be also nice when it comes to availability. At this time I'd maintain serious trouble basically had any hardware issues.

Thank you for any insight...

I have used Amazon . com for SQL Server hosting which is great. We didn't move from the devoted machine to EC2 and so i can't provide a comparison there but we have not had performance issues operating a comparatively high volume - handful of hundred 1000 transactions each day.

You should use a connected EBS volume for the documents to enhance IO performance. My opportunity used GoGrid before I showed up coupled with some bad encounters. I can not talk to the way they perform today. All I'm able to have to say is we're happy with Amazon . com performance and reliability.