I have been creating a joomla-based website within the last handful of several weeks and it is now time emigrate the website from the self improvement server towards the production one. My primary thought ended up being to dump the database and recreate it around the production server, but I am wondering if there's an easy method. Regrettably there's some content already present around the development server that I have to preserve, otherwise I'd just "re-install" and apply web site I produced.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Chris

To begin with I must explain that you simply do not need to meddle with /lib/mysql, or mysqldump for those who have a phpmyadmin on platforms. Moving mysql databases around is actually simple and easy , secure simply with conveying structure and data as 'sql' and running the entire factor as query within the new place.

Plus there's the truly amazing 'JoomlaPack' that is most likely what you would like to make use of anyways. JoomlaPack can backup your whole site including additional databases, etc. and re-install the entire package utilizing a modified JoomlaInstaller on every other server.

Now inside your situation the entire factor is a little more difficult than this since you have content on each server and when I enable you to get right you have to merge this content.

Possible solutions:

1) Just how much content must you merge? If the quantity of content around the production server is small, just hands-migrate it for your test atmosphere first, then use JoomlaPack to create a full backup, upload the backup for your production atmosphere and employ the JoomlaPack installer to create a fresh install of Joomla as well as your data and everything!

2) If it's a little more, you can begin having a 'diff' (comparison) from the 'sql' data dumps of both versions then merge that data carefully and proceed as with 1). You should use WinDiff with this or TortoiseDiff for those who have TortoiseSVN installed.

Regrettably you cannot copy the mdf and ldf files just like a MSSQL database and reattach. This is articles regarding how to copy a MySql database in one server to a different.

Copy MySql Database

Yep, beneath your mysql installation (normally somewhere like /lib/mysql) there must be a folder for every database. You can just copy this, eg download like a zip file, upload to new location and extract. It certainly activly works to copy databases on a single server, aren't seeing why it can't focus on another server.

Whether it does not though, you should use something similar to PHPMyAdmin (most likely simpler, really). Just sign in, choose the database then click Export on top of the best frame. Tick in order to save as file. After that you can import this in your new server.