Essentially I'm searching to determine what seems to become a CSS conflict in IE6 and just IE6, however the CSS files are the same, therefore it is more involved and it has designed a couple of people party our heads from the wall. I am all for killing cognitive abilities, although not by doing this.

I've an occasions listing that's separated with a bar image (in png format), however in IE6 around the production instance it appears all screwed up and wrong, overlapping and merely... well, wrong. On all of the virtual server dev branches everything looks wonderful in IE6, the spacing is correct, no overlaps, pure gold... therefore it is just the production site. Only IE6. I have investigated the compatibility mode factor, which does not affect IE6 from things i understand.

Can there be server configurations that could be leading to this? I am not so familiar with this type of factor, but Let me put this behind us. So help for those who have any idea.

Thanks ahead of time!

You will find multiple explanations why a web page could be made in a different way on another server:

  • Make sure that you are utilizing the same internet security software and compatibility configurations inside your browser (this only is applicable to IE).
  • Make sure that the domain title isn't hardcoded anywhere.
  • Generally, make sure that all assets are properly loaded. For instance, the development server may be missing a vital CSS file. The easiest method to achieve this is by using the browser's developer tools, that you simply must download for IE6.
  • It's not as likely, but additionally possible, this problem is triggered through the longer latency for your production server. Make certain you don't access the browser's DOM before it's been built. On IE6, could also be lots of other timing issues. Try being able to access your development and production server with elevated latency from multiple sites.

CSS is construed through the browser, that is client-side. Is one thing else producing your CSS, just like a PHP script? Try tugging in the page in IE6 both in the development atmosphere and also the dev atmosphere and view source for every and find out exactly what the variations are.

If you will find variations, publish the PHP code that creates this output and that we can suggest what could potentially cause individuals variations.

On instances type javascript:alert(document.compatMode) in to the address bar striking Enter and verify that you will get exactly the same result on sites. It could show Quirks or CSS1/2 compat mode. The development server might, for instance, give a DOCTYPE declaration on the initial type of the HTML page (it's no effect if it's not the very first) - this can trigger Standards Compliance mode that will switch the CSS box model and exactly how tables are made.