Just curious the salt water evaporates..

Theoretically, basically ended up being to create a design portfolio site and also to better organize my port pieces, I made custom publish types for everybody design category (print, web, motion). Now, within each custom publish type I additionally have registered taxonomies to arrange projects much more. (Ex: Print projects might have taxonomies like Logos, Posters, etc.)

With rewrite set to 'print' and 'with_front' set to TRUE, I'd get Web addresses to appear like "www.mysite.com/print/posters/project-title"..

Now, let's say I produced Pages to accommodate my portfolio pieces. I'd produce a Page known as "Print" having a custom template to question my custom posts which were "print" pieces.

What type of conflict is going on having a Page getting exactly the same permalink like a custom publish type? I should also avoid any kind of different naming convention for my custom publish types.

What order does WordPress consume selecting which to make use of first? The page or even the custom publish type? Can One avoid creating the web pages to accommodate the pieces completely and also have a custom page template for my custom publish type's parent?