I have been requested to build up an internet site that enables a person to question a database by responding to a number of questions. Type of just like a flowchart in which the solutions to every question result in further questions until just one row remains within the query. I suppose it is also like a game title of 20 questions except on the more technical subject. It's similar in concept to http://www.workzonesafety.org/wsu/ttcp_software/startup.htm

In my opinion I'm essentially reinventing what in taxonomy is known as an identification key. I understand there's lots of research which has gone in to the development taxonomical secrets. To ensure that the program instantly determines what real question is appropriate to request next and enables the consumer to skip an issue.

I haven't found an application package that enables me to construct a custom interface. Does anybody possess a package they might suggest that would let me produce a custom web interface to my database?