I open a socket link with Apache server however don't send any demands awaiting a particular time to get it done. How lengthy can one expect Apache to help keep this idle socket connection alive?

Situation is the fact that Apache server has limited assets and connections require to become allotted ahead of time before all of them gone.

After request is distributed server advertise its timeout policy:

KeepAlive: timeout=15,max=50

If consequent request is distributed in longer then just a few seconds it will get 'server closed connection' error. Therefore it does enforce a policy.

However, it appears when no demands are sent after connection was opened up Apache won't close it for as lengthy as ten minutes.

Can someone shed some light on behavior of Apache such situation.

Based on Apache Core Features, TimeOut Directive the default timeout is 300 seconds but it is configurable.

For keep-alive connections (following the first request) the default timeout is 5 sec (see Apache Core Features, KeepAliveTimeout Directive). In Apache 2.0 the default value was 15 seconds. It is also configurable.

In addition, there's a [cde] Apache Module which supplies some fine-tuning configurations.

I do not believe that the pointed out values are for sale to http clients via http headers or other forms. (Except the keep-alive worth of cource.)