I've got a web application that I am focusing on for work and it is not so Opera friendly (design is made 24 months before I began with the organization). You will find some CSS issues that i'm getting issues with and that i can't make use of a CSS Totally reset since the page design is virtually occur stone also it would cause more work i quickly need at this time.

Does anyone have a listing of IE's default CSS values in order to place it inside a css which means this factor could be more Opera friendly?

This is a CSS comparison chart. IE really stores the CSS configurations within the ever-so-dumb-place, the Registry. Another problem is whether or not the doctype of the application is applying standards mode or eccentricities mode.

Whether it's using eccentricities mode, you are in danger. Fixing things for non-IE issues will break IE issues etc. You'll go insane.

TBH, I'd be amazed if IE6 really used CSS internally for installing nearly all HTML elements, what exactly you are searching for might not even exist.

The W3C possess a sample stylesheet within the CSS2 spec (http://world wide web.w3.org/TR/CSS2/sample.html) which "describes the normal formatting of HTML 4. ([HTML40]) elements according to extensive research into current UA practice" - copying that right into a stylesheet is most likely the very best you'll do.

As I don't believe I have seen a listing published, the IE Developer Plugin allows you poke round the calculated types of your various elements. Produce a dummy page with each one of the elements you are thinking about, but no CSS, and mine the values you'll need?

Personally i think your discomfort. This may fix the majority of it.


I'd recommend approaching this issue in the other finish.

Copy your present IE-only stylesheet to some global stylesheet, and set the IE stylesheet right into a conditional comments block. Fix the website for Opera while using global stylesheet, after which make use of the IE-only stylesheet to repair the website for IE.


<link href="/css/global.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

<!--[if IE ]>

    <link href="/css/ie-only.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />