I wish to make two different headers for my WordPress project, therefore the frontpage displays in a different way compared to relaxation from the pages. I'd get it done by having an if/else statement, however it appears the last area of the string has been overlooked.

What might trigger this?

The code appears like this and links to 2 id's inside a separate css file. The very first statement "top_frontpage" experiences all of the pages rather than grapping "top_sub" when around the sub pages.

<?php if ( is_front_page ) { echo '<div id="top_frontpage">'; } else { echo '<div id="top_sub">'; }; ?>

Hope everyone can assist me.

[cde] is really a function.

You should utilize


contributing to what @Pekka stated - you most likely want that <?php if ( is_front_page() ) either to be is_front_page or $is_front_page because PHP turns unquoted alphanumeric character sequences (for example is_front_page()) into literal strings unless of course they're understood to be constants thus your statement is the same as