I built an earlier program that required client info and saved it inside a folder of txt files (not practical much) however I wish to upgrade this program to become more effective and set the data right into a database of some kind...

How do i go ahead and take info in the text files and add these to the brand new database without needing to by hand do each one of these. I understand this really is vague however i need much more the techniqueOrreasoning rather than the precise code, And if I do not use SQL what's permanently to make a db (Not using another commercial Db)

btw the txt files have been in simple format (title,city,age) all on separate lines for simple iteration

Well, you can read your txt* files while using [cde] module in Python.

I am afraid that understanding of SQL is really a must for just about any kind of database manipulations, unless of course you will find the convenience of an ORM eg. Django's ORM.

*they are not known as that on not Home windows.

I'd just get listing of all *.txt files is directory using os.listdir() then read and parse these and lastly invest information in certain "database". Python has couple of such "database" type of modules

The free and portable Python [cde] module within the standard library is most likely all that's necessary. It enables you to definitely create and employ what exactly are basically persistent dictionaries, so there is a very gradual learning curve. Transforming your text files into you ought to be simple enough, although will not be automatic -- you'll most likely have to write an easy script to get it done.

Additionally to the above, have a look at Elixir, that is an abstraction layer over SQLAlchemy which makes building database connects (and placing / querying information) relatively easy.