Can you really alter the supply of an iframe whenever a link is clicked on within the iFrame?

For instance, my iFrame loads http://world wide, however when I click a hyperlink on the, the origin from the iFrame can't be transformed to that particular new URL.

Can there be some means to access the iFrame location in Opera and IE to redirect the iFrame?

Kind of just like a proxy website. How are proxy sites carrying this out in PHP?

You cannot use of this content of the iframe from outdoors and the other way around, otherwise it might result in a large security problem. For instance, if you can get its content or URL, it might be also easy to retrieve snacks, request parameters, input fields, etc... which could consists of sensible data for example password, session id...

If you wish to create a PHP proxy, your script must

  1. obtain the content from the asked for page
  2. convert the relative Web addresses to absolute Web addresses
  3. append the proxy Hyperlink to all Web addresses
  4. transmit the information

However I think this process is ugly : if you use this, the URL within the address bar isn't the actual Link to the asked for page. For me, applying a SOCKS proxy is a lot cleaner and simpler.