On both of these URL's of my website,

I pull within an iframe in to the page. You will observe how you will find two scroll bars, the default one for that wordpress theme (handled with a jQuery wordpress plugin) and so the iframe one... Clearly this doesn't look great..

Any applying for grants the way i can deal with this?

Disable scrolling around the iFrame? scrolling="no"

The outer scroll bar is in your <div class="main">, since the content within that fixed-size div is simply too large for that available area.

Within that, you have your iframe, with a site which consists of a set-size div which has overflow.

You can't do anything whatsoever inside your css to modify the iframe's contents, since the items in the iframe are very literally a totally different web site (linkedin), using its own independent css.

You could attempt setting your height, margins and padding right. You will find blank spaces unused outdoors the iframe.