I'm a newcomer to Subversion and wondered exactly how to disregard all folders with a specific title. From things i read, I believe I have to make use of the svn:ignore function, however i have no idea regarding how to really do that. Certain areas mention a config file.. some say command prompt.

I've my subversion repo set on a home windows 2008 server. I attempted to visit command prompt and kind svn:ignore name but that didnt work. The tutorial I did previously setup my repo (with apache 2.2) had me create an etc folder in c:/. There' have subversion.conf, svn-acl and svn-auth-file.

My subversion.conf file includes this:

<Location /btp>
  DAV svn
  SVNPath C:/Files/Work/Repositories/btp

  AuthType Basic
  AuthName "By The Pixel Repo"
  AuthUserFile c:/etc/svn-auth-file

  Require valid-user

  AuthzSVNAccessFile c:/etc/svn-acl

The customer I personally use for my development machines is tortoisesvn.

Im a little of the noob so any assistance is appreciated it! Thanks.

See the docs on properties: svn:ignore is really a property, so that you can place it with svn propset like a command, edit it with svn propedit, etc. Midway lower the page at this URL you will find the particular paperwork for special property svn:ignore.

In TortoiseSVN the best way to get it done is

  1. Right-click working copy
  2. TortoiseSVN --> Qualities
  3. New
  4. svn:ignore

The above mentioned is for the folder you have examined. If you wish to globally ignore something constantly for the Subversion installation visit

  1. TortoiseSVN Configurations
  2. General
  3. Global ignore pattern